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Welcome visitor to (also known as Fist of the Sun), my tiny corner of the web dedicated to my love of the meta series Dragonball! I've got a decent collection of Dragonball fanlistings (and in the future, maybe tributes) that I'm proud to own and operate, so if you're a fan please join them! I've loved the Dragonball series since I was a small child! That's a long time! I've spent most of my life immersed in the world of Dragonball and it's been my rock for as long as I can remember along with my other meta series love, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

The domain's name is a literal translation from tai-yo-ken, an attack created by Tenshinhan that means "Fist of the Sun". In the English translation, it's known as "Solar Flare". I kept the original meaning since it sounded cooler. Since my fanlistings for Dragonball subjects grew, I wanted to move them to a more fandom-centric domain, so I picked this one. I had several other ideas, but I had a soft spot for this domain name because I once owned it a long, long time ago as a teenager. I wanted to bring it back from the dead and find a purpose for it! It was once called The Solar Flare Network. It was purchased from and is hosted on Three Words thanks to the lovely Misaki ♥ It is a part of my expanded network of domains including and (Sailor Moon).


Since I primarily build fanlistings, they are the bulk of my small network. If I ever do tributes, they'll probably be one-pagers because I'm not a very good writer. I find fanlistings a lot easier and the best way to show off my love for a subject by creating fanlistings and gathering together all the fans of the subjects I love! I will apply for any new fanlistings I am interested in should they become available. If I am approved, they will be given the upmost love and care and put on this lovely network!

Android 18 Bojack Unbound Cell Son Gohan Goku/ChiChi Piccolo and Gohan Goku vs Vegeta Dragon Ball Z

Deadly Beauty: Android 18 is the strongest female in the series and I absolutely love her. She is kickass! She only shines during the saga with her brother, Android 17, and unfortunately fades to a background character as the story progresses. Nevertheless, the love is here and I opened a fanlisting as tribute to this amazing female!

Unleashing: The movie Bojack Unbound is my favorite film in the series because I couldn't get enough of Gohan kicking some serious ass. We only get to see a small amount of his amazing power as a teen in the Cell saga, but in this film he kicks ass once again!

Perfection: Cell is my favorite antagonist in the series. He is intelligent, conniving, sadistic, sophisticated and patient. He's downright evil at its core. I prefer him over Freeza since he isn't so childish.

Transcendent: Gohan is literally, my favorite character of all time in Anime/Manga, right behind him is Chibi Usa from Sailor Moon. He was a role-model for me as I grew up and I fell in love with his character. He's such a mature boy for his age and I loved growing up with him. I dedicated a fanlisting just for him because I love him so much!

Intangible Devotion: Chi-Chi is a rather underrated character in the fandom, as well as her relationship with her husband, Goku. Their relationship is very sweet and intangible. Although the two are rarely together anymore because of Goku's constant saving of the Earth, they love each other very much! They have 2 sons and a granddaughter!

Sacrifice: Gohan's relationship with his mentor and best friend Piccolo is so incredibly special and it helped shape his person as a whole. Piccolo was more of a father-figure than his own father, Goku, who wasn't around too much as he grew up. Piccolo's heart softened after he grew to care about Gohan and that relationship warmed my heart! I dedicated a fanlisting to it because it's one of the most important relationships in the series!

Saiyan Pride The rivalry shared between Goku and Vegeta is what I love best about the special relationship they have. The intensity between the two is good enough for me to dedicate a fanlisting just for their competition!

Dragon Soul: Dragon Soul is the fanlisting for the series Dragon Ball Z. This series was an escape for me while I grew up. This series is by far my favorite of the franchise and will always have a close place in my heart. I'm still active in this fandom and have been since I was very small.


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